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London Treasure Hunt Team Building Event

Please visit our dedicated site for treasure hunts

London is the perfect city for a Teambuilding Treasure Hunt. Its colourful history well known landmarks and attractions are the ideal back drop for a treasure hunt.
All our treasure hunts events are bespoke and especially written for your company, we can theme them for example to a particular period of London history, the Romans, the Great Fire of London, the London Blitz, or to an area of London, the City, The River, or Hampstead. The possibilities are endless, your team can do these events either on foot or we can arrange Black Cab Hire, Limos, or Travel Cards for your teams.

The event will start at a location of your choice, or we can suggest one for you, usually they end at a pub or restaurant. On arrival at the final location the event manager collects the team packs, de-briefs the teams, and then announce's the winners.

Teams are supplied with question sheets, Digital cameras and information packs to help with solving the clues based at various the locations. Clues may be visual, historical, anecdotal, technical, cunning, cryptic and humorous - but each is essential to guide the teams to the next location. Successful completion of the day will depend on teamwork, keen observation and lateral thinking.

Brain Teasers
Cryptic Clues
A Tie Breake Quiz
I Spy
Photo Challenge

Our briefing of the teams will serve to inform, inspire and enthuse all the participants. We will cover health and safety issues and give them a rough idea of what they can expect from the event and the different things they will have to do during the event. For example, there are different sections to the treasure hunt. In addition to the questions they will have to answer as they visit different locations, there is an 'I Spy' section of images that they will have to identify as they make their way on the treasure hunt trail. There is also a 'Photo Challenge' which is a series of ten different scenes the teams will have to record of themselves. For the 'Photo Challenge' we issue each team with a camera and a list of ten pictures to be taken. Following the event we will give you a copy of the photos so that you can share them amongst yourselves. They are often wonderful mementos of the event with hilarious results! There is also a 'Team Portrait' to be completed by creative / artistic members of the team. Lastly, there is a 'Tie Break' section which contains a series of random questions that will count towards the overall score. These questions may range from being factual to historical or cultural. The teams will also have to come up with a name for themselves (to be written on the front of the treasure hunt pack).

Before we hand out the treasure hunt packs to each team, we will explain that they may not need to visit every destination contained within the treasure hunt. It is up to the team to decide the best route to take to gain them the most correct answers. The winning team will be the team that arrives at the final destination on time with the most correct answers. Also we will tell them that there is no such thing as cheating - within reason, of course. Meaning that anything they can do to obtain the correct answer is available to them (phone a friend, ask the audience etc!). There also may be more treasure hunt there than they can complete within the allocated time. This is on purpose as we do not want everyone to complete the treasure hunt early and then be bored! It is up to the teams as to how they manage their time, their goal is to complete as much as they can safely and correctly - and to have fun while doing it! After asking if there are any questions, we will hand out the packs and let the treasure hunt begin.

Our Team will meet and greet the teams as they arrive back from the hunt and collect the packs back from the teams which we will then go away and correct / mark to determine the winning team while participants relax, and share stories of their adventures. The marking should take us approximately 30 minutes. Once we have determined the winning team, we will then come back to the group, do a debriefing and announce the winning team.

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