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This team building exercise is ideal as an indoor teambuilding game at a conference, it is a superb concept to highlight the key roles of team work, communication, the bigger picture, and of course fun. It can be used for any size of conference. More than one track can be created, with teams competing for the fastest . The group will need to plan their strategy, interact with each other, delegate roles, and complete the exercise against the clock. This is a teambuilding exercise which achieves objectives in a short space of time, and provides a hilarious activity for ALL group members.

The objective of this teambuilding exercise is to transfer 1 or more balls from one side of a dedicated area, to the other, in a railroad style.

Key tips will be given as to what the construction should be based on, i.e.: the Y shaped support structure and parallel railway runners.
They will be supplied with various jigs and ample supplies of machine rolled paper rods.
The exercise will see the group constructing Y shaped supports, holding the railway runners.
On completion groups will need to figure out how to travel the ball.
The Mexican wave... The entire group positioned all the way down the track, with their arms under the track, will need to perform a Mexican wave for the ball to move.

Additional challenges can be added to this team building excercise such as more than one ball, or racing various railways, head to head.

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