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The event consists of eight challenges, the teams will rotate and complete all challenges during the day. The teams will undertake four challenges in the morning and four in the afternoon. The final challenge and grand finale of the day is the ‘Giant Egg Toss’.

1. Team Skis: Teams have to work together to move the giant skis by lifting their legs at the same time, using the rope as leverage. Balloons are pinned to the ground which they have to burst.

2. Shepherd Game: The “sheep” (a team member) is blindfolded. The sheep must make its way from one pen to the other without hitting any of the obstacles. The “shepherd” is the rest of the team, who are given musical instruments/noise making toys. They must devise a system of signals to let the sheep know which way to go.

3. Blindfold Squares: The team must form a rope into a perfect square on the floor, they will do this blindfolded. They are given some planning time. Once they are blindfolded, we usually move the rope from where they last saw it, so they spend the first couple of minutes trying to locate the rope. This is an excellent communication game and can produce some interesting results!

4. Blind Tent: Teams must build a tent. Only one catch – everyone is blindfolded except for one member, who is the eyes of the team. A great communication tool and lots of fun!

Afternoon Games

1. Safe breaker: Team members are allowed to move forward only, not backward. The idea of the game is to cross each other, so that the person with the keys and the person handcuffed to the suitcase get together in the middle, whereupon the key holder can unlock the case.

2. Spiders Web: The idea of the game is get the team through each of the holes in the web, one hole per person. No touching of the rope is allowed.

3. Walk the Plank: Team members are given 2 large planks of wood and shown an assault course which they have to get across using the planks.

4. Giant Egg Toss: Teams are given lengths of bamboo, an egg, a plastic cup, rubber bands and scissors. They must build a catapult capable of launching the egg, which is placed in the cup. The catapult must be free standing and must have a trigger mechanism.




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