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Team Building Tools Belbin, Myers-Briggs and The Strength Deployment Inventory

Team Conflicts and what to do about them


Team Building Tools Belbin, Myers-Briggs and The Strength Deployment Inventory

Belbin as a team-building tool basically gives us eight plus one types of person we need in a team. As we know, a team does need different people doing things differently. If you look at a football team, goal-keeper, people in defence - even in defence you've got a sort of left-sided defender and a right-sided defender and so on through to your attackers.

You've got different people doing different things with a common goal in mind and Belbin very cleverly covers that by saying you need these different people;

  • * You need people that will resource information,
  • * You'll need a chairman of the group,
  • * You'll need somebody that's going to be creative,
  • * You'll need somebody who's actually going to do it,

There’s a very good profile to actually see what type you are, what you prefer to do and you can help balance up a team. It also gives you sort of first, second and third types of role so if you’ve got three chairmen in a group for example and actually you only need one, then what's your next preference? And some actually are very, very close minded particularly if I've got two that are almost identical in score, it means I can easily go and do another job. It's like saying to somebody 'Can you play left mid-field or left full-back?' They're quite close and some people can do both.

If you look at something like the Myers-Briggs MBTI tool, it's more about your preferences, it's more about how you feel about things: whether you're more practical, whether you're more emotional - it's more on that level. Also still very, very important to understand, it's about motivation. Why do you like doing things? What environment do you work best in?

So they're all relevant; they're all just different tools, and what I like to do if possible, is if you can cross-reference a couple, you get more of a 3D approach,

The Strength Deployment Inventory is more 3D team-building tool, I believe. They're not so wildly different, but because it's 3D, it means people get a better view, better perspective, so this is what I'm like personally, this is what I'm like professionally, this is how I prefer to do things. It's almost like an insight into 'This is how I will do something for you. If I'm actually in your team, this is how you can get me to do what I do better for you. This is how you can turn me on, juice me up, get me excited, this is why I want to come into work in the morning, or not. This is why I understand what you're saying to me, or not.'

And it really allows people - this 3D team-building option, which inevitably gives everybody more value when you run things like Strength Deployment Inventory tool - it's quite usual during the course of the day, to see individuals have this wide-eyed expression come across their face, Like walking into a dark room at night and pulling the light switch - thinking, wow! - this looks different; it's that amazing, literally.

You get this wide-eyed look, because they understand themselves better, they understand why they do what they do, why they're comfortable in certain situations, uncomfortable in others.

Even why they get on with certain people and don't get on with others. It's not right or wrong, it's just different. I'm not talking about people being dysfunctional; I'm just talking about being different. Different is good, providing we understand, value, appreciate and recognise. People want to be appreciated, want to be valued; that feeling of self-worth. Value me for what makes me feel good, not for what makes you feel good. It can be a world of difference.

It can be the difference between failure or success.


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