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Team Conflicts and what to do about them


Conflicts within a team and how to deal with them.

How to deal with conflicts within a team? If we go right back to basics, literally right back to basics, I’d suggest a couple of days working with the S. D. I. tool, originally created by Dr Elias Porter. It looks at people’s motivational value systems.

What makes me feel good about me – what makes me want to do what I do?

When you understand that there are different people doing things differently, clients say it’s literally like turning on a light – you can see why they have conflict with people. Again I’m using the soft conflict, the unwarranted conflict - why some people like to say ‘hello’ in a corridor and others don’t. It’s not right or wrong; it’s just different. It’s not about you; it’s about the other person.

So we go right back to basics, right back to what turns you on, what juices you up, why do you do what you do, how do you do it, how do you feel about it. A simple question is ‘At the end of a day, what makes you feel good about the day?’ Someone will say ‘Well it’s because I bought in this great sale – I went out, I had a huge challenge, I fought for it and I got the contract, brilliant’.

Somebody else might say ‘Because I sat in my office quietly all day and read a reference book on how to set up a new office system which will save people time and money’. Completely different, completely opposing views or preferences and yet both valuable in a team.

And if you go back to realise that you actually need these people in a team, so a very good salesman out on the road will make no money if the orders that he writes or she writes are not processed. If the orders are not processed, the person in the warehouse cannot pick the product, in simple terms, off the shelf and pack it. If the person doesn’t pick and pack it, it can’t get posted. If it doesn’t get posted, it cannot arrive at the end-user’s desk. If it does not arrive at the end-user’s desk, he or she will not write a cheque and the salesman does not get his commission. So you may feel like you’re an individual out on the road but in fact you are still in a team and you need all those people in that team to be successful, and they may not even know each other, so it’s all these things, of course the salesman might say well, I’m the best thing since sliced bread – if I don’t sell you guys don’t have a job. True, but if the guys don’t pick and pack it, or post it, you don’t have any commission.

Now, how does that feel? So there are lots of things going on with conflict with views, with relationships. So we go back to the S D I, look at how different people do different things and actually appreciate that we need those differences within a team.

You do get certain types who will be doing different things, in a big company, you need those differences. S D I helps with that, you look at why people do what they do . We have tools to help people understand.

Once you understand it you can start doing something about it, make the other person a starting point and I guarantee you success.


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