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Team Building Articles

Why it is important to use an outside team-building company in prefence to using your own HR dept?

Why Not doing team-building can cost you a great deal of money.

A team building programme or a one off team building event?

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Team Conflicts and what to do about them


A team-building programme or a one off team building event?.

If a company’s going to choose once a year just to have a fun day, have a team-building fun day, great, that’s better than nothing.

Whether it works and whether they get anything out of it, is a risk, its team-building by chance as opposed to team-building by design. i.e. we discuss with you in detail your requirments, then design and deliver an event to meet those needs.

Certainly if we’ve worked for clients two or three times you start to know what they want, you understand their company, where they’re going, their staff, and of course each team-building event builds on the last team-building event.

If you think about a car, it’ll come with a service history, a service book, a service requirement. A six thousand mile service is different to a twelve thousand mile service which may be different to a cam belt service at say, sixty thousand miles – it’s all different.

You don’t have a series of six thousand mile services or twelve thousand mile services it is the same with team-building events, if it was on a car, it would not get the service, the attention, the nessary parts changed, or the service required.

An on-going programme allows us to do this. It also allows you to see a change – a beginning, a middle and an end – and then you will see the benefits back at work.

You can do a fun team-building event and maybe somebody will pick up on it, maybe they won’t; maybe they’ll go back to work and make a change, maybe they won’t, but if you run a structured programme where we might see the clients before, then we run the event, then we go back afterwards and we say ‘ Right, what did you learn from the event? What can you change at work?’

Then we go back to the workplace and check on the changes, or put something in place so they do change, because the company, at the end of the day, has written a cheque, an actual cash cheque, and wants value. It’s not unusual, for clients that we work with to get five to ten times’ benefit on the cheque that they’ve written us and, frankly, I think they should, if you get a good team-building event program.

Don’t forget that team-building with facilitation has tax benefits.


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