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Common problems in teams, Communication, Trust and leadership skills.

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Team Conflicts and what to do about them


Common problems in teams, Communication, Trust and leadership skills.

I would say ninety percent of the common problems within teams, are very easily recognisable and in the short-term easily dealt with. For example, poor communication skills or a lack of communication skills, and a lack of understanding or appreciation of each team member.

If you think of things like conflict, how can you solve conflicts if you don’t have good communication skills? How can you possibly share the goals of a company or even create the goals of a company if you don’t have good communication skills.

Good communication does not mean being able to stand on stage and just tell people a message; good communication means being able to share a message which is heard, received, understood and appreciated. People often say communication is a two-way thing; communication is not what I tell you, it’s what you hear or the manner in which you hear it. Even people at top level do not necessarily have good communication skills.

Another typical one would be leadership. If one thinks how hard it is to be a leader, what defines a good leader? In the leader’s opinion, it might be to be strong, be directive, be controlling, be confident. What does the team require? they may require very little from their leader, i.e. give me some instructions and leave me alone. So in many ways a leader has to try and be a number of things to different people or, surround him or herself with people that can do that. A clever leader is able to do this.

Communication, leadership – and if one thinks about it, EGO – if one can suspend ego in a team it is always an amazing benefit to the team, very difficult to do, but with amazing results when achieved.

Then you come to trust. Do you really trust me, do I really trust you? Do I trust our product, do I trust our client, our business?

Without these elements being in balance, people will inevitably never work to their very best.


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