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The Mix & Match Multi Activity Team Building Event

The Mix and Match - Multi-Activity Event is a combination of physical & mental challenges. During the course of the event participants will perform as a team & in turn a key part to the success of the team, they will also work as individuals for the benefit of the team.

We have listed a wide range of activities & suggest one or two activities from each section is chosen, this in turn represents the wide range of people’s skills, abilities, and perceptions. The day will be fun & nobody will participate in an activity they do not wish to, however participants will be encouraged to discuss their ‘fears’ with the instructors or field manager on the day.

The Format

1. All teams will gather for a warm up & an introduction to the day’s events, this will be given by the Field Manager & Event Crew.
2. Teams are then given rotation sheets showing which activities they will be required to complete & at what time. Each activity rotation lasts between 30 & 45 minutes.
3. On each activity guests are under the instruction of our professional instructors & will be taught the skills required to complete the challenge successfully & safely.
4. The instructor will award points for the team’s individual & team performance at each activity.
5. Once all activities have been completed, teams will gather & be given a 10-minute break whilst scores are collated. Alternatively at this stage to bring all teams together a finale activity can be introduced.
6. The day will conclude with a de-brief, results & prize giving.

Driving Experience
Inflatable Challenge
Shooting Stand
Command Task
Teamwork Challenge

Driving Experience

Quad Bikes test your skill & co-ordination riding one of our robust four wheel all terrain vehicles over a simple but challenging obstacle course, consisting of a jump, seesaw, limbo, & slalom. The competition winner will have mastered the skills necessary to complete a penalty free round.

Powerturn A completely new type of vehicle providing maximum fun with maximum safety. Two drivers each controlling the speed of a wheel will have to negotiate themselves around a slalom course & on completion park in the garage.

Blindfold Driving Drivers must negotiate a simple course in a 4 x 4 Land Rover. Well it would be simple if the driver were not wearing a blindfold. Communication & directions are given from the rest of the team via two-way radio.

Honda Pilots these exhilarating 400cc American Dune Buggies are always a popular choice. Although we won’t be racing in the Californian deserts, this event will give all drivers a chance to feel like a racing driver with individual time laps & team relays. The best vehicle of its type on the market has proven itself to be an adrenaline pumping activity.

Reverse Steer This vehicle will do the opposite to what you would expect. Turn the steering left & the car will go right. Turn the steering right & the car will go left.

4x4 Driving 5 miles per hour is the speed restriction & no your not caught up on yet another motorway snarl up, this is a far more satisfactory off road driving experience, using one of our military spec Land Rovers. Our resident site at New Place Management Centre in Hampshire, offer a track suitable for the Novice wanting to gain first hand experience in 4x4 driving.

Argocats These six-wheeled six wheel drive vehicles have been specially developed for use on rough country terrain. Our testing course, which includes slaloms, gates, & a roundabout must be negotiated without the aid of a steering wheel, since these machines have lever steering similar to that of a tank.

Inflatable Challenge

Gladiator Jousting Contenders stand on podiums surrounded by an inflatable bed. Armed with pugil sticks, & a helmet & gloves for protection contenders take it in turn to battle it out.

Human Table Football Table football with a difference. A 50’ long & 30’ wide inflatable wall surrounds the pitch, with goalmouths at each end. Players are harnessed to the bars running across the pitch, with goalies being attached to Bungee ropes. Each team has to score as many goals & concede as few as possible in the allotted time.

Bungee Run consisting of a 30’ twin lane inflatable, where by contestants are harnessed to Bungee ropes. The objective is to place a velcro batten as far down the inflatable as possible before the Bungee cord snatches you back. The furthest ‘sticking’ mark wins.

Rocky Mountain A 30’ Inflatable rock face complete with grab holds has to be climbed. The first team to collect all the flags from the summit & break the cryptic code are the winners. A relay race combining a physical & mental challenge where by teamwork & co-operation are essential for the success of the event.
Inflatable Olympics A head to head relay race involving an inflatable assault course consisting of tunnel, wedge, wall, biff bash men & mangle. Survival of the fittest!!

Inflatable Beach Volleyball – prepare for lots of team fun on this 20’ x 40’ bouncy volleyball court, complete with coconuts & palm trees.

Laser Dome Two teams are issued with laser guns & battle it out within the 30’ x 30’ inflatable spaceship complete with fog & effects.

Shooting Stands

Automatic Air Pistols these 8 shot semi-automatic air pistols are exact replicas of the Walther handguns. Firing at static targets for the individual competitions & finishing with a team rapid fire, shooting at ‘smoke’ targets.

Clay Target Shooting a professional mobile clay pigeon shooting unit complete with 12 bore shotguns, a safety cage and ear defenders. An experienced instructor ensures a safe, fun & good shoot.

Crossbows a two stand event. Participants will fire our powerful lightweight crossbows at traditional targets. Under the expert tuition of our instructor, participants will become competent marksmen very quickly with good scores being achieved.

Archery The ancient art of archery never fails to be literally a big hit with teams. An ideal activity whether for the novice or more experienced archer. A two-stand event with a practice round followed by a competition for best individual & team.

Laser Clay Shooting This new sport uses the latest infa-red technology to simulate the traditional sport of clay target shooting, without recoil or noise problems normally associated with the sport. The five-gun system allows five guests to shoot at once under the expert supervision of an experienced instructor.

Air Rifles Participants will be briefed fully on the safe operation of these competition .177 rifles. Our instructors will then show teams how to get the best results from these highly accurate guns. The rifle range consisting of decoy targets & traditional ‘bulls eye’ cards for the competition round.

Command Tasks

The Drain Game This a head to head race, but on this occasion the slower the better. Teams will be given a set time to build a track out of the materials provided, once this has been completed teams will roll a ball down the track, the team that has the last ball to arrive at the end win.

Egg Launcher An excellent finale activity whereby teams build a catapult to launch their eggs. With a couple of twists this makes for a highly entertaining activity.

Whistle Stop Using musical instruments for instructions teams must navigate their blindfolded sheep through a course to pick up ‘rewards’ & earn valuable points.

Toxic Quest All team members are required for the success of this mission, to ensure the safety of the endangered species.

Teamwork Challenge

Photographic Challenge Instant Polaroid cameras are issued & photographic answers must be given to the tasks and questions that the teams are given to complete.

Sheer Face A combination of physical & mental challenges. Teams are given 4 puzzles & initiative tests to complete, but teams must climb a ‘rock face’ to collect their instructions.

Wacky Races Teams race against the clock to build & race their own go-karts from the materials supplied. The first team over the finish line with a ‘complete’ kart win.

Safe Breaker A race against time to break the safe code using the clues given, once the safe is open teams must complete a task requiring all team members input.

Blind Fold Tent An excellent team exercise requiring teams to be split into pitcher & instructors. Pitchers will be blindfolded & under the guidance of the instructors (via radio) pitch a tent.

Treasure Hunter Teams, under starters orders will compete to collect as much hidden treasure as possible with the aid of hand held GPS Navigation, compass, map & cryptic clues. Each team collect one piece of treasure from each destination, making this a very competitive challenge. This activity is also available as a stand-alone event.

Our requirements will be based the activities you finally choose.

Teams will ideally be made up of five to eight participants, although smaller or larger numbers can be accommodated.

This Multi-Activity Event will usually run for 3 to 5 hours depending on the number of activities chosen & the client’s constraints.

Time : 3 to 5 hours



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