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Team Building Articles

Why it is important to use an outside team-building company in prefence to using your own HR dept?

Why Not doing team-building can cost you a great deal of money.

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Team Conflicts and what to do about them


Not investing in team-building can cost a great deal of money.

The cost of not investing in team-building - What’s the cost of buying a new car, putting it on the road and not servicing it?

What’s the cost if you’re going to an appointment and you’re car breaks down on the motorway. Maybe you’re delayed or you don’t even get to that meeting.

There’s a cost in having it towed away and various other things and then repaired. There’s the cost of you missing the appointment. Staff are the same thing – they don’t always cost a lot more.

The cost of not investing in the team – if a staff member isn’t doing what they do well, misses opportunities, is unable to deliver certain things, misses deadlines for example, goes to a meeting but misses the opportunity to capture the benefits of that meeting, there’s a cost.

You may not know about it but there’s an actual cost, i.e. They don’t come back with the business. If a manager wastes maybe (and the Government had these figures) typically twenty-five percent of their weekly time in conflict, if a person has a conflict, twenty-five percent of every week so that’s a day a week, that’s fifty days a year – look at all the managers in your business – if you’ve got a big company and they’re all wasting fifty days a year to unwarranted conflict, what’s the cost of that?

So a fifth, or twenty-five percent of their salary is wasted but what about what they could have been doing with that time? If you start looking at those figures, then actually a team-building event is exceptionally good value. Not doing a team-build can cost you a great deal of money.

There’s a business where a member of staff missed a £120,000 contract. That member of staff was not in a good mood, was not having a good time, didn’t talk about it at work and simply did a very sloppy job. And it’s actually a client that they’d had for a period of time. It wasn’t a new client. The client just placed the work elsewhere, thinking they didn’t really want it.

Now what cost is that. Maybe fifty pence in the pound of that contract ? Thirty grand, forty grand, fifty grand? It actually cost forty pence in the pound profit for that member of staff. Now I ask you was team-building worth it – almost a stupid question, if that’s going on. In that case the company were actually smart enough to find that out, but there might be companies that never find that out but nonetheless it’s still happens; It does not make it better because you don’t know about it.

Just because you can’t see it does not make it OK.

That’s why I say team-building is sometimes uncomfortable because you have to bring your head out of the sand, have a look and realise you’re maybe not where you thought you were. You don’t have the team you thought you had. It may be uncomfortable for directors, managers, team members, shareholders, but please, you’ll both know where you are with relevance to where you want to be and we can help you do that –I guarantee Team-Building can help you do that.


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