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Olympic Challenge

This is a fun, fast-paced Summer Olympics team building event designed for 10 teams of eight to compete head to head at five activity stations. Teams rotate around the activities in opposing directions, so each team competes with a different team at each activity. Score as many point as you can in these team relays within the time allocated, each team may chose to play a “joker” at one activity where their score will be doubled. The event will begin with a full health and safety briefing. Following the briefing, the teams will need to come up with a team name and flag or totem before the games commence. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the winning teams.

STATION 1: Olympic Rings

Each team will be issued with four hula hoops to test their skills in an Olympic hula relay. When you lose the hoop the next team player takes over. A rare talent indeed – get those hips rolling! Hysterical fun, fast and furious.

STATION 2: Olympic Big Foot Race

Four team members from each team will compete at a time by standing on two planks with a rope handle on either side. Not only do they have to maneuver their way through an obstacle course but they will have challenges along the way, such as bursting the balloon blisters they meet in their path! Speed and skill will determine the winning team.

STATION 3: Velcro Penalty Shoot Out
There are no arguments in this game. If you can get the ball past the keeper the ball sticks on the velcro net for all to see. Teams take it in turns to shoot and defend. Observing team members can heckle and distract – within reason! Also there is the possibility of using more than one goalie and one striker.

STATION 4: Twin Peaks
The race is on! The two competitors squeeze through the giant wall before setting off on the ultimate challenge. First fit the safety harness, then set off up the 25ft North Face of Twin Peaks. Can you get your whole team over the top of this challenge? Go team!

STATION 5: Bounce to Victory

Each team will be allocated space hoppers with which to complete the challenge. Competitors will be given marks for speed, skill and ‘bouncability’ as they navigate the course and bounce the way to victory.

GRAND FINALE: Olympic Launch
The objective of this challenge is for each team to build a low tech device capable of launching a missile! This is a highly competetive and hilarious activity where teams launch their missiles at the same time. It is a great highpoint to end on. Go for gold!


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