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A multi activity event is an excellent choice if you are looking for a day that is all about Fun and team bonding. We can build you an event from a combination of Motorised activities, Country Sports and Inflatables games. Your participantswill need to be divided into teams, team size should be between eigt or ten. You will need as many activities as the number of teams. Each team will rotate around the various activity stations with everyone having a go at each activity. It is important to note that if you want to have motorised activities you must choose or we suggest a venue that allows these activities as not all venues are happy to have their grounds used in this way. However it is quite possible to make an excellent event without the more extreme motorised activities. Below are some examples of activities you can choose from to make up your event.


Choose from the activities below to build your own fun, fast paced multi activity event. Teams rotate around the stations with everyone having a go at each of the activities.

STATION 1: Rage Buggies - This event will give all drivers a chance to feel like a racing driver with individual lap times & team relays. These are the latest type of road buggies and appeared on TOP GEAR

STATION 2: Hovercraft - This is an opportunity to literally fly over the ground as you pilot one of these fast exciting single person craft. it is not as easy as it looks but you will be scored for both time and accuracy. This is a driving experience like no other!

STATION 3: Archery – This is a great team leveler you may well be surprised to discover just which members of your team are the ones to excel at this teambuilding activity. We provide your team with eight longbows and eight butts or targets.

STATION 4: Blindfold Driving - At first glance the course we set up may appear simple compared with the rush hour journey you face to work every morning. When you step in to the driver’s seat the first thing you do is put on your blind fold. This is an excellent team building game that requires good teamwork. Now you must rely totally on the instructions from the rest of your team.

STATION 5: Quad Bikes - Powerful quad bikes are used for this auto test. The course demands not only the use of speed but skill and precision A combination of limbo poles, chicanes and balances create the perfect course.

STATION 6: Power Turns - These extraordinary vehicles have two engines and require two drivers one for each rear wheel drive, now comes the challenge do the drivers have the teamwork required to steer the course we have set out? Too much throttle and the vehicle will spin out of control, this activity is hysterical fun for both drivers and observers.

STATION 7: Max Cats - Six wheel all terrain vehicles that will go anywhere you steer them the in the same way as you would a tank. They are ideal vehicles to use for an off-road treasure hunt, they will carry a driver and five passengers.

STATION 8: Human Table Football - This is a huge infltable pitch based on the table football game we all know so well. The player are straped to the poles acroos the inflable pitch.

STATION 9: Hanger 51 Laser Dome - Two teams are issued with laser guns & battle it out within the 30’ x 30’ inflatable spaceship complete with fog & effects.

STATION 10: Velcro Olympics: Race your opponent on this fully inflatable assault course. Test your skills against the giant walls, tunnels and scramble net. All tunnels and walls are lined with velcro. The idea is to race through wearing a velcro suit and test your fitness and strength against your opponent. This is ideally suited to team games and competitions.

STATION 11: Twin Peaks The race is on! The two competitors squeeze through the giant wall before setting off on the ultimate challenge. First fit the safety harness, then set off up the 25ft North Face of Twin Peaks. Can you get your whole team over the top of this challenge? Go team!

If a Multi activity team building event looks like the kind of event you would like for your company either call us or email us to discuss your event in more detail and for prices. Alternativly have a look at other team building events we offer

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