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Its a Knockout Corporate Event

The Its a Knockout Olympics is a highly entertaining, visual & fun team event full of weird & wacky games. Games can be run dry, but most of the games run better with a little water and soapsuds literally thrown in.

The Format

1. All teams competing in the Its a Knockout games will gather for a warm up & an initial brief from the compere.
2. Teams are then shown the games & given a demonstration by the instructors.
3. Team will then start the games, playing each game in rotation. On each of the games teams will race head to head. Each game will last approximately 15 minutes, with the compere calling time.
4. Points are scored on the team’s performance on the activity. Each team will have the option to play a joker card on one of the Its a Knockout games only, this will double their score on that particular game.
5. The Tournament is supervised, scored & compered on by the compere & referee, assisted by the Knockout Crew.
6. Once all games have been completed teams will gather for a de-brief, results & prize giving from the compere.

We require a venue that is able to offer a flat-grassed area equal to the size of half a football pitch. We will also require close proximity to a water supply.

Teams will ideally be made up of 5 to 10 players but smaller or larger numbers can be accommodated.

Knockout Olympics

Zone 1 Treasure Island Trail – a 40’ island (inflatable assault course complete with tunnels, mangle, biff bash, wedge). Dressed in pirate costumes, pirates must collect the hidden treasure. The team that collect the most treasure win.

Zone 2 White Foam Rafting – consisting of a 40’ long pool filled with foam. With the aid of rope & rubber dinghies players must rescue all the stranded intrepid explorers from the other side of the river, but watch out for the hostile crocodiles.

Zone 3 Tunnel Vision – two teams compete in a giant game of 4-in-a-line. Sounds too easy – each team first has to race with a disc in a wheelbarrow followed by a scramble net & then through a slippery & wet 30’ long inflatable tube before placing their disc.

Zone 4 Caterpillar Run – teams race head to head. Three man caterpillar costumes are worn in this relay, whereby teams race to complete a simple slalom course before collecting fruit from the inflatable trees. Good teamwork is required to achieve a high score.

Zone 5 Bungee Rescue – teams go head to head in order to return the lost ducklings to their mother. As many ducks as possible must be returned to mother duck using the rafts, bungee run & nets provided. If this sounds too easy try it with a little water & foam.

Zone 6 Knight’s Abound – our damsel trapped in a bouncy castle is de-hydrating. And teams of gallant knights need to gallop over with refreshments (that must be caught in the damsel’s apron), but beware of the axe yielding dragons.

Knockout Olympics Consists of:
Knockout Games Props
Arena Bunting Information Marquee
Referee Knockout Crew
Compere PA system
Medals Background Music
Field Management Power/Generators
Full Public Liability Insurance Safety Certificates
Transport (Hampshire/Surrey) Risk Assessments

Running Time: 1½ to 3 hour


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