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Inflatable Teambuilding Games

These inflatable games are great when used an activity during a multi activity event. They are also excellent when combined with team building games as a fun element to an event where you want to acheive some learnings as well as having fun. If you are just looking for one activity we would suggest Human Table Footbal. Fill in a mail form or call us to discuss your proposed event and for prices.


Human Table Football A similar concept to traditional table football, except here the human contestants themselves are strapped onto the poles going across the inflatable pitch and become the actual players.

Hanger 51 Laser Dome - Two teams are issued with laser guns & battle it out within the 30’ x 30’ inflatable spaceship complete with fog & effects.

Gladiator Jousting Each of the two contestants is armed with a pugel stick and perched on a raised podium. The aim is to try to knock your opponent off their perch sending them falling onto the inflatable crash mat.

Bouncy Boxing You and your opponent enter an inflatable boxing ring. You are given headguards and oversized super-soft boxing gloves to try and knock each other over. 

Bouncy Castles We have a range of different sized bouncy castles, the biggest of which can take up to 20 people

Bungee Running Strap on the harness, which is attached to an elasticated bungee rope. Then run down the track as far as you can, placing your Velcro marker at your furthest point, before being sprung backwards at high speed by the bungee rope. 

Energy Zone This is a bouncy children's game using an enclosed inflatable with a soft pole going up the middle. The aim is to jump up and stick the Velcro marker as high up the central pole as possible. 

Velcro Olympics: Race your opponent on this fully inflatable assault course. Test your skills against the giant walls, tunnels and scramble net. All tunnels and walls are lined with velcro. The idea is to race through wearing a velcro suit and test your fitness and strength against your opponent. This is ideally suited to team games and competitions.

Twin Peaks The race is on! The two competitors squeeze through the giant wall before setting off on the ultimate challenge. First fit the safety harness, then set off up the 25ft North Face of Twin Peaks. Can you get your whole team over the top of this challenge? Go team!


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