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Team Building Games

An experienced facilitator will introduce these team building games which have been designed as metaphors for business issues.

The perfect structure to a team building day consists of a number of these games with each team "having a go" at each challenge, on completion of the games the teams are debriefed and their experiences, positively linked to their work. Later in the day it is good for the teams to relax and have fun with a comination of our team building activities and country sports. Thoughout the day the teams score points they then trade these in for components for a Final Event of the day, such as a giant egg toss, or rocket launch.

An example of a facilitated outdoor team building day suitable for 20 participants:

9.30 am
Event Briefing & Ice breakers Game

Team Building Games
Shepherd Game
Minefield Game
Spiders Web Game
Microdot Game
12.30/1.30 Lunch

Afternoon Fun Activities
Quad Bike auto test
Blindfold Driving
Rocket Propulsion

4.30/5.00 pm Event finish : Please contact us for costs.

Outdoor Team Building Games

Bridge Build Game
The team is faced with a collapsed bridge. Some equipment has been washed to the shore and the team must use this to rebuild the bridge and get the whole team safely across.

Minefield Crossing Game
An advance support team has cleared one safe path through a grid of 100 squares. They left a map but troublesome local savages have unfortunately stolen this. The team must work their way across the grid, but the mines are volatile so they cannot speak.

Chemical Rescue Game
After a dangerous chemical spill four containers pose a risk within a contaminated zone. Using a complex system of suspended ropes and pulleys, the team must work together to extract the containers from the zone.

Shepherd Game
One member of the team is elected, either by the team or randomly, to act as shepherd. The objective is to move the team from one pen to another using a whistle. Each member of the team is blindfolded and attached to the others by a piece of string.

Spider's Web Game
The team must pass through a large spider's web without touching the threads, which could wake the sleeping man eating arachnid.

Team Ski Game
Four members of the team stand astride one large set of skis and attempt to complete an obstacle course by moving in unison.

Virus Game
This teambuilding game is similar to Chemical Rescue. The team must extract computers from a mainframe without spilling a virus, which could corrupt the entire system.

Flood Game!
Worrying news reaches the team of an approaching flood, which will wash away, anything less than four feet from the ground. Using various items the team must build a platform capable of supporting them four feet above the ground.

Signal Flash Game
Tired after a day of challenges the team decides to head home. Their best chance is to attract the attention of a passing airplane and they must build a device capable of transmitting a message by Morse Code using equipment which includes a battery and a tin of sweet corn!

The Micro Dot Game
One half of the team has a complex map of circuits of a microdot. They must communicate the detail of the circuit over one way radio to the other half of the team who attempt to re-create the circuit before passing it on to Special Intelligence.

Team Building Activities

Indoor Team Building Games

NASA Moon Project Game
An indoor team building game. The team has survived a spaceship crash on the dark side of the moon. They must plan their survival and a rendezvous with their mothership at a set location. Their effort is compared to the advice given by a team of real NASA scientists.

Tribal Troubles Game
The team's negotiation skills are called upon to facilitate peace between three local warring tribes. The atmosphere is tense, the slightest misunderstanding could lead to a long and bloody war and each team seems to have its own unreasonable demands. Can the team help?

Team Standard Game
The team must create a flag or standard with messages about their values, goals or work generally using natural materials from the surrounding area. This is fun and creative and some remarkable insights can be made.


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