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YOU'RE HIRED!! THE TEAM APPRENTICE EVENT: A fun competitive team building event, inspired by the successful television series.

Andy Sweetener arrives in his chauffeured limousine. Sir Sweetener in his usual abrupt manner will hand out the Team Apprentice challenge list. To help the teams on their way they will be allocated an executive people carrier, driver, mobile phone & an instant camera

Could your team be the one to be hired?

Teams must complete the set of challenges below in the allocated time & within the set budget.

Challenges: Team responsibilities will need to be allocated for each task. With project leaders changing for each challenge. The team members must negotiate and agree on the organisation and implementation of the task. True leadership potential may be uncovered.

The Buyer - Teams must source, negotiate & acquire a list of items, using the allocated (£..) budget.

The Advert - Teams will be given a product, camcorder & props. They will need to script, act & direct a 30 second advert.

Photo Challenge - The teams will have to prove they have visited Sir Andy Sweetener's close business friends & associates. However the associates and friends might not be keen to meet with the Apprentice Teams, so a soft approach could be the only option.

Football - Sir Sweetener's love of football is known by all, but this giant inflatable game is not football as we know it!!

Motorsports - A fun team effort is required, all under the watchful eye of Sir Sweetener's aids.

The Launch - Using the limited materials available, Sir Andy will want to see a launcher built!

Once all challenges have been completed, it's back to the 'boardroom' for the video presentation, awards & de-brief. This is a fun & entertaining finale.

The Format

Below is a sample itinerary. Teams will ideally be made up of six to nine participants, although smaller or larger numbers can be accommodated.

10.00 All teams will gather in the conference room for an initial Health & Safety Brief. No indication of the day's activities will be given.

10.15 Guests are lead outside & given gentle warm up exercise

10.20 Sir Andy Sweetener arrives in his blacked out Range Rover, followed by executive mini-buses.

10.25 Sir Andy Sweetener will in his infamously abrupt manner give a brief & let teams know exactly what he expects from the team apprentice, this is followed by him handing out his task sheets.

10.30 Executive Minibuses are on hand for the teams to complete their tasks: The Buyer, The Advert, and the Photo Challenge.

12.30 Teams return with half of their tasks completed & ready to support Sir Andy's passion for football.

13.00 All teams break for lunch.

14.00 Teams recommence their task under the watchful eye of Sir Andy & his aids. The Motorsport Challenge The Launch

15.30 Team's Return to the boardroom for the showing of The Advert

15.45 Sir Andy Sweetener returns to give an upbeat review of the tasks he set & to announce his Team Apprentice - YOU'RE HIRED!!

16.00 Finish

Team Benefits

Preparation, team communication, delegation & leadership will all be key factors in becoming the Ultimate Team Apprentice.The prime aim of Team Apprentice is for individuals to get a better understanding of themselves & each other as team players, in a fun & entertaining environment.

Minimum 20 Participants



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